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The Best Music Streaming Service

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A few years ago, you had to pay to download an album or one music at a time. Currently, you can stream any song you want all thanks to the use of internet radio. The revolution began in 2005 when Pandora launched their curated radio stations. As a listener you did not have to name a specific artist to find the music that you want to listen to, all you needed to do is ask the Pandora algorithm. Now Pandora has more than twenty services and it can be a daunting task for you to find the best music streaming service. We have simplified the process and gave you the most popular based on value and features of the program, these include


Cost: 30-day free trial, free for the one with ads or $10 per month for the premium version.

User sharing: $5 per month for every additional user with the platform supporting up to five users.

With over a hundred million active listeners across the globe, Spotify has gained a huge popularity. The user-friendly interface with excellent graphics for both mobile and desktop offers over 30 million songs. Users can find new music easily on the discover weekly tab and the streaming service allows you to listen to music on multiple devices.

The premium version does not have any advertisement and it gives users a chance to download any song with high-quality audio delivery. The best part is that you can set playlist at your own pace. Using data from your gyroscope the application can detect users cadence and play songs of similar beats per minute.

Apple Music

Cost: apple music offers 3-month free trial and $10 per month subscription.

User sharing: from $15 you can share up to six users.

Apple music service is the best option for people on the Mac and iOS. It may have a few listeners when compared to other competitors but it gives a sense of elegance and class to the user. You can listen to music via iTunes. One thing that is exceptional about apple music is that there is a team of music experts who hand selected music recommendation to the listeners. This is not common on other providers. You can enjoy exclusive apple releases as well from major artists such as Drake or Taylor Swift. You can access the application via your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Macbook.

Google Play Music

Cost: 30-day free trial followed by $10 per month.

User sharing: up to six users at $15 per month.

Google play music is popular among android users, it boasts of a huge catalog of music, and the most outstanding feature is that users can upload and store their own music on the Google libraries. These songs will live along the currently released music. Apart from that, it has similar features to Spotify. If you are a listener who wants to save huge chunks of music then Google play music is the right application for you. This will save you space on hard drives.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Cost: 30-day free trial followed by $8 prime membership

User sharing: up to 6 users at $15 per month

Amazon prime membership includes prime music such as baseline. If you are a member, you get discounted access to stream prime music. Moreover, you can upgrade your subscription anytime. This gives you more titles and downloadable tracks. More discovery features give users easy access to new music. You can use coupons to upgrade your membership.


Cost: free for application with advertisements, a premium account at $10 per month while plus account goes for $5 per month.

User sharing: none

Pandora was the first company to introduce the concept of online radio and music. In the music genome project, this was to keep all the best music in one delivery system. Premium listeners can get access to unique playlists and listen to a wide array of music with ease. You can download any song that you like. Pandora has an algorithm that adds attributes and tags to a song giving users an easy way to get music suggestion.


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